james hock is a unisex label which focuses on re-defining the norms and celebrating the contradictions of individualism. a 'socially conscious naïve punk', team James Hock expresses their ideas and beliefs through the principles of 'new basics', re-made and handmade. new basics: re-imagined, unconventional basics with emphasis of ease of wear | re-made: customized, deconstructed/reconstructed and up-cycled one-off pieces | handmade: artisanal pieces (knitted, crocheted pieces etc.) | most of james hock's products are Made in England in-house. a believer in slow fashion, we take individual orders and our productions are in small batches if not limited quantities.



the pen

ruched nylon tote / backpack

bunny beanie II

ruched nylon pouch

fleece mitten pockets skirt

market tote bag

'sun' cube hats

deluxx ruched hairband

leather hairband


'haf' dress

deluxx red series

deluxx red

replica bag

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