sun cube hat

James Hock is a directional and multifaceted design studio based in London.
Combining new ideas, traditional crafts and the spirit of punk - the label is known for the re-imagining of the basics and its offbeat accessories.

The products are always ‘a little bit different’ and are often answers to the question ‘why not?’.


True to the ethic of punk, we adhere to the concept of DIY. We do as much as we can in the studio and out - regularly finding clever and interesting ways to achieve the desired outcome (or close to it). Our process is not just design and make (that does happen of course) but most of the time it is about problem solving and working out what can be done under a resource constraint. And that is our luxury- time and ideas, and not always something entirely tangible. Through that, we become more aware of our resources and our surroundings, developing a greater appreciation of the dull and mundane, repurposing what is seen as common and of no value to become our new luxury. And why not? Works that are customized, deconstructed, reconstructed, reworked, recycled and reimagined are placed under the ‘re-made’ label. This is the essence of james hock and from here, it branches out into the various facets of the brand.

the conflict

For a long time, we have been questioning the viability of fashion in our current state of climate emergency. Is it not hypocritical to shout save the planet whilst encouraging consumerism? Unfortunately, we still do not have an answer to that. But we are conscious about the environment and do believe regardless of what you do, you have the right to be part of the movement.

we do

recycle and reduce waste
use natural fibre textile as much as possible
increase the use of used clothing and objects as our raw material
repurpose used leather clothing and also off cuts from external companies
reduce unnecessary packaging and avoid plastic packaging if possible
make our products in small runs

patchwork quilt wrap

if you would like to purchase any product or have one custom-made...

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